Queenstown – the perfect place for adventure

New Zealand has a reputation as one of the best places in the world for adventure tourism. With our rugged landscape, space to roam and a population of people with a DIY attitude, no wonder Kiwis like to set things up for excitement and fun!

Queenstown, in the South Island, is a top destination for adventure tourism in New Zealand, including the world famous AJ Hackett bungy.

In fact AJ Hackett, a New Zealander, popularised bungy jumping into an attraction in the 1980s.

Once you’ve jumped off the ledge over one of the most picturesque cities in New Zealand, you might want to check out the view at a slower pace, from the Skyline gondola. At the top of the peak you can ramp it up again with a luge ride – which is like a manual go cart that sends you whizzing around a chute down the mountain. It’s a must-do for visiting Queenstown! Everyone will ask if you rode the Luge!

If you enjoy the thrill but prefer someone else to do the steering, the Shotover Jet will really get your heart racing! This speedboat will race down the river through canyons and spin you around in circles.

There’s so much more to discover in Queenstown, from mountain sports like skiing, hiking and mountain biking to white water rafting, hang gliding and 4X4 driving. Anything you can dream up for fun and adventure can be found in Queenstown – it should be top of your list for places to visit when you come to New Zealand!

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