Experience an authentic Kiwi lifestyle

Homestays are a popular form of accomodation for students and visitors, especially for those who want to improve their English and experience New Zealand culture. It is a great way to settle down in a new country and get to know the surroundings. We pride ourselves on carefully matching students and visitors to their ideal host families by providing each party with a detailed profile. You can feel safe and secure knowing that all host families are interviewed and police screened.

What can you expect?

  • Welcoming family environment
  • Reference families with police checks
  • Laundry availability
  • Reasonable use of internet, water, and electricity
  • 24 hour support
  • Great value – affordable
  • Breakfast and dinner on weekdays
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner on weekends and public holidays



They provided me a wonderful host family. My host family was very nice and generous. They showed me lots of beautiful landscape in Auckland. The food was tasty, and everything was perfect.


It has been a great experience living in new Zealand, the family that i have been living with is one of the best and i thank the nz host families for setting me up with them. The rules and guidelines were well explained and transparent. I highly recommend nz host families to any one who is a student looking for accomodation.


Thank you Host Families NZ for making my time here so unforgettable!! I had a real kiwi experience with my host family. I couldn’t imagine having a better family, which was so welcoming and made me feel like a real family member.

Types of Homestay

Standard Homestay

Executive Homestay

Fully furnished private bedroom
Bed linen (sheets, pillows, and blanket) and towels
Desk and chair
Storage for belongings (chest of drawers or closet)
Shared bathroom
Wifi provided
TV in common area

The Process

Complete the Application

  • Please read and agree with the student homestay terms and conditions
  • Fill out and submit the online application

Receive and Accept Quote

  • Once we receive your application, we will contact you and provide a quote
  • If you are satisfied with the price, we will send an invoice for you to make payment

Make Payment

  • You may pay by either international transfer or credit card, which must be specified in your application

Host Family Confirmation

  • Once we receive your payment, we will search for a host family that best suits your preferences and will notify you when we find a match


Are there house rules that I need to follow?

Yes, we recommend that you discuss any house rules with your host family upon arrival. Although, it is up to the family to explain what their specific rules are.
Here are suggested rules you can enquire about with the family:
Notification of when you will be leaving and returning to the house every day
Informing the family if you will not be ho

Do I need to arrange my own transportation for my arrival?

We offer optional transportation from the airport to your host family. Please let us know the date and time you will be arriving at the airport so that we can arrange your pickup.
If you prefer to find your own mode of transportation to your accommodation, please inform us of when you plan to arrive.

How are host families selected?

Once we receive your completed application, we will look for a host family that suits your needs. When we have your payment for a homestay, we will send a profile of the selected host family.

How does transporation work at homestays?

Your host family is not required to provide transportation. We try to minimise the commute between your homestay and your school/internship location. The bus or train will be the easiest means of travelling to and from your destination. We recommend that your host family assist you with the public transportation in your area. It will be helpful to find the nearest bus stops or train station so you are comfortable with travelling to your destinations.
Special arrangements for students 13 years old and under can be made upon request at an additional cost.

How early do I need to apply?

We recommend participants to apply at least 1 month in advance to allow time for us to receive your payment and to match you with one of our host families. For emergency bookings please contact us at info@hostfamilies.co.nz or +64 9 3581531.

How many meals will be provided?

The number of meals provided depends on the plan that is selected. We have three options from which you can choose:

– Full board: 3 meals per day
– Half board: 2 meals Monday – Friday, 3 meals Saturday & Sunday
– No meals (this option is not available for guests under 18 years old)

Is there a cancellation fee?

Yes. Below is our Refund and Cancellation Policy, which can be found on the Cancellation Form.

“When written notice of cancellation is received,
14 (+) Days prior to commencement of the Homestay, HFNZ will retain the Placement Fee and agrees to refund the balance of the Homestay fees paid, within 14 days of receipt of written notice of cancellation.
13 (-­‐) Days prior to commencement of the Homestay, HFNZ will retain the Placement Fee and a Late Cancellation Fee of $50, and agrees to refund the balance of Homestay fees paid, within 14 days of receipt of written notice of cancellation.
7 (-­‐) Days prior to commencement of the Homestay, HFNZ will retain the Placement Fee and 1 week’s Homestay fee, and agrees to refund the balance of Homestay fees paid, within 14 days of receipt of written notice of cancellation.”

Is there a curfew I need to abide by?

Yes. These are the times for students 17 years and under to follow:

If you plan on returning home after the given times or will not be home at night, you MUST inform your caregiver that night and get their approval. Your host family must then inform Host Families NZ by the next morning.

May I choose a host family myself?

Here at Host Families NZ we do our best to find a homestay that you will be satisfied with while you are in New Zealand. Our online application allows you to list your preferences and we will do our best to find a compatible family.

What are the benefits of living with a host family?

Living in a homestay is a wonderful opportunity to get exposure to a new culture and lifestyle. It is safe, affordable, and convenient accommodation with a family that is familiar with the country. You will have a chance to interact and participate in family activities making it feel like a home away from home. The relationships that you build in your homestay are rewarding and unforgettable.

What if I have allergy or dietary requirements?

You may specify whether or not you have special requirements or concerns that need to be considered when we search for a host family. We have numerous host families throughout New Zealand and will provide you with accommodation that meets your requests. If a special dietary requirement (vegetarian, dairy free, gluten free, only Halal food, etc.) or allergy (peanuts, shellfish, soy, etc.) is specified, you will need to pay an extra fee.

What if I'm not satisfied with my homestay?

If you are not satisfied with your accommodation, you may fill out our Homestay 2 Weeks Notice form and request to transfer to another host family. Keep in mind that it will take two weeks from the date the form is signed and forwarded to Host Families NZ for us to make arrangements in a new homestay.

What is a traditional meal in New Zealand?

New Zealand is a very diverse country with many types of families. For some New Zealand families, a typical meal will consist of cooked meat (lamb, chicken, beef, or pork) with a side of veggies or salad. Also, fish and chips is a common New Zealand dish.

What is a typical host family like?

There is no one type of typical host family. Each family listed with Host Families NZ is different and unique, and we welcome all types to apply. Some families may be couples with young children or teenagers, or couples with no children currently living at home, or even a single person. Our goal is to provide a home away from home for every participant staying in New Zealand.

What is included in the lunches provided by host family?

If you select the full board option at your homestay, your lunch will most likely include a sandwich, fruit, and yogurt (or other small snack).

What is provided by the host family?

Each family is required to provide the following:
– A fully furnished bedroom
– Bathroom
– Bed linen (sheets, pillow, and blankets) and towels
– Desk and chair
– Storage for belongings (such as a chest of drawers or closet)
– Wireless internet (an additional fee may be charged to the guest if necessary)
– TV in common area

If you would like additional items, you may bring your own from home or inquire with our team.

Will there be other participants living with the host family?

It is possible that you will be living with other international students during your stay. Some families are able to host multiple participants in their homes due to the availability of rooms, but they will not be of the same nationality unless requested.

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