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We are committed to marking every student’s stay in NZ a great experience to remember.


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Our mission is simple: to connect students and interns with safe and friendly Kiwi families.

Creating meaningful connections that extend beyond borders, we strive to foster a warm and secure environment for international students by linking international students with welcoming Kiwi families, ensuring a home away from home experience.

See what past students and families have said.

"My experience being a host family and hosting a student has been far beyond my expectations. It's really beneficial for my son as well because he gets to learn from so many people about where they're from. I've had 20 students with Host Families over the past year."


Host family

"I feel very happy here and I very like here. I'm very enjoying the food. And I think the people here are very, very friendly."

Chong Fu Yu


"My kids have grown up having different students around with all sorts of different cultures, which has given them the benefit of knowing about other cultures, other traditions, and my daughter has even learnt a little bit of Japanese from one of the students we hosted!"


Host family

"Since 2015, we've had 53 students. Each was individual and it was lovely having each one of them. The favourite part is I love cooking: we have a roast day, dessert day, fish and chips day, stir fry day, good variety. Host Families has really good communication - I highly recommend them."

Rosemary & Victor

Host family

June 20, 2024

Join our Demi-Pair Programme

Immerse in new cultural experiences and foster global connections right in your own home.
May 30, 2023

Meet the friendly and experienced team

Meet the friendly and experienced team behind Host Families NZ.
May 30, 2023

Hear from our student about his homestay experience

Chong Fu Yu from China shares his homestay experience.

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