Top 5 Must-Sees in the North Island

  The North Island of New Zealand has some iconic tourist destinations, the natural landscape is totally unique and you can get a great mix of action and sightseeing. We’ve been around the whole island, and here are what we consider to be the Top 5 must-sees in the North Island:   TONGARIRO ALPINE CROSSING   […]

Queenstown – the perfect place for adventure

New Zealand has a reputation as one of the best places in the world for adventure tourism. With our rugged landscape, space to roam and a population of people with a DIY attitude, no wonder Kiwis like to set things up for excitement and fun! Queenstown, in the South Island, is a top destination for […]

Top Tips for Road Safety in NZ

  New Zealand is such a beautiful country full of many remote landscapes and sweet local towns. One of the best ways to travel around New Zealand is by car, because it is small enough that you could drive the length in just a few days, and it gives you the freedom to get to […]

Best apps and sites when traveling NZ

  The internet has made so many things in life easier – travel is one of them. We no longer have to carry around heavy travel guides, bilingual dictionaries, maps or transport timetables. Everything you could need when you travel, you can access on your smartphone or tablet.   Here are some really handy apps […]